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The AboveGround Railroad
SouthEast Line is Here!

Feel at Home...
Everywhere you go. Experience the joy and empowerment of travel camping on Black-owned lands throughout the United States. Join a community dedicated to connecting Black people to safe and affirming outdoor spaces and experiences. 


MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN NOW! We're committed to building a real community that centers Black people, our experience, and our right to belong. Anyone who feels aligned with our mission is welcome to join and connect with other community-minded people who are committed to actively building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with each other and the land.   

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Aboveground Railroad Camping Hits Different!

After a year of traveling and community-building, we recently hosted our first Community CampOut! Kidogo Farms in Georgetown, SC was the first place that we visited when we set out to build the Aboveground Railroad. It truly felt like returning home!

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Membership Features

WayOut Community Members

Solidarity Members

We welcome anyone who feels aligned with the mission of the AboveGround Railroad to show your support for safe and Black-affrming outdoor spaces by joining and participating as a Solidarity Member.

Invested Members

This status can only be earned through action by attending community events and contributing your time, energy, and resources towards the well-being and growth of this community.

Free Riders

If you want to ride on the AboveGround Railroad without joining the community, register as a Free Rider to gain access to Public Stops.  Please note that many landowners choose to be listed as Private Lands, which are only available to Community Members. You won't have access to the full Community Platform. 

How Do I Join the Community?

Make a Contribution.

A real community is built on shared values, love, resources, and hard work. Every single person who joins this community enters by making a contribution of their time, unique skills, and/or resources. This ensures that we remain an intentional community progressing continually towards our goals.


Two Paths to Contributing
for Incoming Community Members

Choose one (or both!)

Path 1: Give an Annual Donation

Sign up to make an annual contribution of $45 (that's $3.75 per month). This isn't a membership fee. This is your contribution to support a community you believe in. Your donation goes towards supporting landowners, expanding the Railroad, community events, and developing new projects.

Path 2: Choose Your Contribution

Shine your unique light! We welcome you to choose how you will contribute. When you register, sign up for a 30-minute video chat with us where we can get acquainted and discuss specific and tangible ways for you to contribute using your unique skills, interests, or resources. 

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What Makes This Truly Special?

Real People. Every profile is subject to admin approval and must contain a real face photo and first name. No bots. No cryptic screen names. 

Black-Owned Lands. It just hits different when you get WayOut and connect with nature on land stewarded by Black folks! 

Genuine Community. It's about more than leisure. More than business. Let's come together as community-minded folks and put in some work to develop a real community. 

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